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Alan Barnes, one of the UK's top session musicians reviews the Raw Brass Supreme Baritone. Not only that, he plays one on his sessions and gigs. Just listen to what he says and the amazing sound of the Raw Brass Supreme Sax Range. Available in Alto, Tenor & Baritone.

WHY?  WHO??  HOW???

THE WHY - As we all know, it's all about the sound so four years ago we simply took everything back to basics and made a "Supreme" Sax range with the most dynamic of sounds, breath-taking projection 

and spot-on intonation. 

THE WHO - Raw Brass Saxes are based in Hampshire. Our concept, design and production methods have resulted in this amazing new range of "Supreme" Saxes. Component parts are sourced from around the world and assembled here in the UK by top quality technicians.

THE HOW - A completely Raw Brass Body and Crook with Random Mass throughout (like a church bell) so it rings so true. No bell rim for impressive sound projection (ever seen a cymbal with a rim?). Parts that are not acoustic-related are highly polished and two-part epoxy lacquered; this is our Raw Brass "Supreme" Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes.

MOUTHPIECES - We don't supply them so best to use your pride-and-joy Mouthpiece.

Sit back and listen to Alan Barnes and Julian Marc Stringle.


Listen to session musician Julian Marc Stringle on our Raw Ebony Bb Clarinets - Sound is everything!  Julian also plays our Raw Brass Tenor Sax, which he says is better than his Mk6 !

New RAW BRASS "SUPREME" ALTO SAX with top F# and complete with Case £1,420. 

New RAW BRASS "SUPREME" TENOR SAX with top F# and complete with Case £1,860.

New RAW BRASS "SUPREME" BARITONE SAX to low A in Bright Silver Plate £2,140. 

New RAW EBONY Bb CLARINET body, barrel and bell made from ebony with silver plated keywork as the one Julian is playing with Case £1,150.